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Dr. Matt Gaworski
Dr. Matt Gaworski


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6140 Tutt Blvd. Ste. 250, Colorado Springs, 80923
7685 McLaughlin Road Ste. 190, Colorado Springs, 80831


What makes us unique is not what we do but why we do it. We are absolutely committed to helping people reach their full potentials. 

Yes, it is the self-confidence that comes with a beautiful smile, but it is more. Understanding how treatment affects long-term health and wellness is crucially important. Identifying airway and breathing issues and getting them corrected at the earliest possible time is an absolute must. Seeing how the straightening and fitting together of the teeth can improve or compromise the airway is vital.

Our simple goal is to do the best treatment possible and to provide the best care for all the people we work with. That means we need the best training, the brightest minds, the best technology, the most advanced methods, and an unwavering commitment to do so when working with our patients. Our interaction is with the Golden Rule in mind: treat our patients as we would treat family and friends.

It is our privilege to have served Colorado Springs over the last 21 years and we look forward to continuing that service.