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invisible, insidious, but not inevitable

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Dr. Michael Roshon

Since February 2020, thousands of local healthcare professionals have placed themselves squarely between us and an alien invader who targets the most vulnerable among us, disfiguring the very fabric of society.

One of them is Dr. Michael Roshon, chief of staff at Penrose-St. Francis. As a specialist in emergency medicine, he’s on the ER’s front line: “It used to be that an arriving ambulance would be greeted by 10 people who rushed out to begin emergency medicine,” he says. “Now, everyone stops to put on their gowns and gloves and masks. The sense that you have to protect yourself before you help a patient is hard.”

When not in the ER, he’s battling on a second front. With a Ph.D. in microbiology and immunology, he was the principal investigator on three clinical trials, including one of Dr. Fauci’s Operation Warp Speed trials. “There were so many trials going on, a new trial doesn’t have a place to fit,” he says. “Unfortunately, we have tons of patients. We also have the expertise. To be expanding that knowledge and developing cutting-edge new therapies is fantastic.”

Dr. Roshon is also conducting a series

of “grand rounds,” lectures of a technical

nature to keep doctors, nurses, and

staff up to date. He appeared on TV

and in newspaper articles to inform a

panicked public.

And he battles misinformation. Asked if co-morbidities were inflating COVID death statistics, he bristled. “That’s BS,” he says. “We have so many people walking around with chronic disease because we have such great medicine. It wasn’t that long ago when you got diabetes, you died. Nobody was walking around with diabetes for 30 years. Now, tons of people have chronic heart conditions and hypertension. Grandma’s got diabetes and hypertension and a very low likelihood of dying in 2020...until she gets COVID. I think there’s serious inaccuracy in the numbers, and I think it’s skewed in the other direction.”

Dr. Roshon’s caution that the pandemic could be worse than reported is unsettling in the extreme. It only increases our gratitude to those who rush into no man’s land armed with little more than a mask.When you are vaccinated, remember to say “thanks” to the Dr. Roshons.