Rocky Mountain Periodontal Specialists

Rocky Mountain Periodontal Specialists


Dr. Karl Lackler & Dr. Geoff Haradon
Dr. Geoff Haradon and Dr. Karl Lackler


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685 Citadel Drive East, Ste. 200A, Colorado Springs, 80909

These Dental Surgeons combine tradition and the latest technology for an exceptional patient experience and outcome. They are known to have a gentle hand, ensuring the patient’s care and trust. For the Periodontists at Rocky Mountain Periodontal Specialist, comfort is essential.

Doctors Lackler and Haradon met while attending the top-rated periodontal program at the University of Texas Health Science Center where they both received their specialty degrees. Dr. Karl Lackler is the former Chief of Periodontics at the United States Air Force Academy, an honors graduate of the University Of Illinois College Of Dentistry, and Dr. Geoff Haradon is an honors graduate of the University Of North Carolina College Of Dentistry. 

After leaving the program in Texas, Dr. Haradon came to Colorado Springs to join and eventually take over Rocky Mountain Periodontal Specialists, the first Periodontal practice in our city. Dr. Lackler, later, joined Dr. Haradon at Rocky Mountain Periodontal Specialists in 2001. Together, they have 45 years’ experience taking care of people’s needs in the Colorado Springs area.

The Doctors at Rocky Mountain Periodontal Specialists understand that there can be fear and anxiety when faced with needed dental care. Together the Doctors have realized that helping people in a “family atmosphere” can be the secret to obtaining the dental care every patient deserves.