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The Power of Partnership: Shea-Chappell

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The Power of Partnership: Shea-Chappell

The partnership between Charlie Shea of C.R. Shea Homes and Lain Chappell of Solid Rock Custom Homes is about continuing to build a legacy of custom home building and servicing customers. However, for these two men, by combining their experience, passion, and the business acumen of their wives, they may just have created the team to chase in the luxury home category.

Admittedly, Shea, along with his wife, Nancy, will retire some day, and this move was strategically made with that end in mind, but Shea is not ready yet, so he hand-picked Chappell and his wife, Barbara, to team with for the future. "Solid Rock was a similar family-run business with a great reputation," Shea says. "The new brand, Shea-Chappell Luxury Homes, will capture distinguished buyers who want to build their last home."

Shea will continue to focus on the beginning stages of the project while Chappell and his team will use the processes already in place at Solid Rock to move the home through the building stages until closing. "I thrive on meeting people and hearing about their dreams," Shea says. "I love working with the architect through the design stage. That really gets my juices flowing."

Chappell is one of five designated master homebuilders in Colorado, and his knowledge of the business has served him well and also what drew the attention of Shea. "They have a team already in place to back up their well-documented processes and procedures," Shea says. "From the handshake to the keys, they have a very impressive system, and that’s what led us to them."

Chappell says Solid Rock Custom Homes will continue to focus on high-end remodeling projects. The team is building in Kissing Camels, Broadmoor, Black Forest, Flying Horse, Cedar Heights, and Stratton Pines, and they are excited to see what’s on the horizon. Although they did not enter a Parade home for this year’s event, they don’t discount that option for the future if the timing is right.

"We want to be the first phone call someone makes when thinking about building a luxury home here," Shea says. "The bottom line is this: When you spend 2 or 2½ years working with someone to build their dream home, that’s a lifelong relationship that’s been developed, and we want people to recognize that what we offer in experience you can’t get anywhere else."

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