Colorado Springs Top of the Town


Colorado Springs Magazine is highlighting the Top of the Town businesses. It's our tribute to the city's finest. We invite our readers to nominate their favorite local business for our Top of the Town Readers' Choice Winners. After the nomination period ends, readers will vote on the finalists to determine each category's Top of the Town. 


Colorado Springs is more eager than ever to support locally owned businesses. The Top of the Town is the best opportunity to make sure your business is the go-to spot for Colorado Springs all year. 


Colorado Springs Magazine will dedicate celebrating the Top of the Town winners and finalists in the September/October issue and at the Top of the Town celebration event.

Campaign to Win

The nomination period begins on January 3. Get the tools you need to make the most of the nomination period, advance to the voting round, and win.


Help your business make it to the voting period through email, social media, and in-person promotion. To help you get started, we've created a list of promotional tips, social media graphics, and signage.


We've created three promotional packages that will help promote your business during the nomination round. These packages include exclusive advertising spots on the ballot, print ads in Colorado Springs Magazine, run-of-site ad campaigns on, and more. Being an Top of the Town advertiser will ensure your business is top-of-mind when readers are filling out the ballot. Purchasing a package does not guarantee a spot in the voting round.


January 3—May 15


July 1—July 24




September/October Issue


Mid-September 2022

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the nomination round work? 

The nomination round is from January 3–May 15 and is based on write-ins.

Do businesses have to pay to be represented on the ballot? 

No. The Top of the Town Readers' Choice Poll results is based 100 percent on the public's nominations and votes. Being an advertiser does not guarantee a win.

Then what's the deal with the ads on the ballot? 

We offer Top of the Town advertising packages, including ad spots on the ballot, ads in the magazine, and ads across These advertising packages give businesses more exposure but do NOT guarantee anything for the contest.

Why is my nomination not showing up on the ballot? 

Nominations aren't public until the voting round. The top five nominees in each category will move to the voting round. In some instances, when there isn't enough variety in the nominations, fewer than five will advance.

How specific do I need to be when nominating? 

The more specific, the better! We can't approve a nomination in some instances unless it includes sufficient information. For example: if you're nominating "Colorado Springs Fitness" and the gym has locations in Colorado Springs, Monument, and Woodland Park, please specify "Colorado Springs Fitness Colorado Springs." In many instances, companies with various locations get combined when there is no clear winner between the different areas.

I missed the nomination round this year. How can I be more prepared next time? 

Sign up for our Top of the Town emails. We'll send you occasional emails with important Top of the Town information.

How does the voting round work? 

The five businesses that receive the most nominations in each category advance to the voting round. Voting takes place March 22–April 16.

How many times can I vote for a business? 

You may vote once per hour per category.

How can I promote my business to get nominations/votes? 

See above for our free graphics, marketing tips, and advertising packages.

Can nominees be based outside Colorado Springs area? 

We consider nominations in the general Colorado Springs region and surrounding counties.

Can chain stores and franchises be nominated, or is it only for locals? 

We love to see locally-owned businesses shine; however, some categories don't have many locally owned businesses. It's up to the voters to say what they support.

I don't have time to fill out the whole ballot right now. Can I come back later and do more?

Yes. As long as you've already registered (entered your email address on the form on your first nomination or vote), you can pick up where you left off. When you return to the ballot on the same device, you should be automatically logged in and see your previous selections. If you aren't logged in, and you know that you've already registered, click the "Already entered?" link at the top of the ballot, then enter the email address you previously used.

Why do I have to make an account? 

Our ballot software requires that users create an account to track their selections. Registration helps us guard against fraudulent voting and allows people to revisit the ballot before the deadline to make changes and additional nominations. A password is not required or needed.

How do I find out who the winners are? 

Winners will be announced online in June and in the September/October issue of Colorado Springs MagazineColorado Springs Magazine is available on most newsstands. Subscribe now to get the Top of the Town issue delivered right to your door.

Will there be a Top of the Town party in 2022? 

Yes. We are planning to have an in-person event in September 2022. Details are TBD. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram.

Which honorees will be featured in the Top of the Town issue? 

We're excited to feature Readers' Choice honorees in the Top of the Town issue. The Readers' Choice winners and the two runner-ups in every category will be listed in the September 2022 issue. 

When will finalists and winners be notified?

We do our best to notify finalists in late May (typically by email) prior to the voting round. We begin to notify winners in mid-August. Select winners may receive a special packet in the mail in August. We ask winners to keep it a secret until they are announced publically online in mid-September and in print in early September.

Why wasn't I notified that I was a finalist or a winner? 

With hundreds of categories and thousands of contenders, it's a challenge to maintain an up-to-date list of contact information. If the nomination and/or voting round has ended and we haven't contacted you yet, please fill out this form, and we'll let you know your status (if you've been named a finalist or winner).