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  • Love & Sushi

    Sushi Row is a very chill new downtown spot that delivers excellent sushi, elegant cocktails, and that big-city feeling. It’s the new kid, nestled among several legendary Colorado Springs locations—Acacia Park, Poor Richard’s, and Tony’s to name a few—and has further elevated one of the most beloved blocks downtown.
  • First Lady

    In recent years, seismic waves of turmoil shook the world: the pandemic, the housing crisis, inflation, rising homelessness, widespread burnout. Anxiety and stress caused by overwhelming issues fractured consensus on solutions. In the wake of all this, our city, like so many others, was fatigued by divisions and looking for answers. Wildcard mayoral candidate Yemi Mobolade came in championing unity and cooperation. Voters from diverse backgrounds embraced him as a refreshing change—our cheerful and inspiring new mayor, and the lovely woman always right there beside him.
    His source of unwavering support—his wife, Abbey.

    When I first walked into Adam & Son Auto Repair, I felt a little disoriented. I was there to interview Dan Adam, the owner and founder. I looked around at the hardwood floors, leather couches, and stocked mini-fridge. It was the first repair shop waiting room I had been in that I would actually like to wait in.

    Keith Thompson is a trail builder. When he’s on the clock, Thompson works as the Director of Engagement for CONO, a non-profit that empowers and equips neighborhoods to engage with local governments on civic issues. That’s his day job.

    The plan was to gather a group of local musicians for a round-table discussion about the Colorado Springs music scene. But I quickly realized the plan was flawed. For starters, I had prepped for an interview with four people. When I showed up at the Black Sheep on a Monday evening, armed with my laptop and a dozen curated questions, the room was already bustling. Twelve musicians had shown up, and they were knee-deep in lively conversation before I entered the room. This was my first hint that I would not be directing the evening’s discussion. The next hint came when we finally found our seats and I opened the interview with this question, which I thought was fairly straightforward: “How good is the music scene in Colorado Springs?”

    From horses and friendly dogs to cantankerous cats and a sloth with a slow digestive system, Dr. Vincent Loparco proves that chiropractic care is not just for humans anymore.
  • Happy New Year

    In the history of the world, there has probably never been a New Year that was not met with hope. Even in its darkest moments, humanity collectively meets 12:01am, January 1st, with hope for something better.