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    When I first walked into Adam & Son Auto Repair, I felt a little disoriented. I was there to interview Dan Adam, the owner and founder. I looked around at the hardwood floors, leather couches, and stocked mini-fridge. It was the first repair shop waiting room I had been in that I would actually like to wait in.

    Keith Thompson is a trail builder. When he’s on the clock, Thompson works as the Director of Engagement for CONO, a non-profit that empowers and equips neighborhoods to engage with local governments on civic issues. That’s his day job.

    The plan was to gather a group of local musicians for a round-table discussion about the Colorado Springs music scene. But I quickly realized the plan was flawed. For starters, I had prepped for an interview with four people. When I showed up at the Black Sheep on a Monday evening, armed with my laptop and a dozen curated questions, the room was already bustling. Twelve musicians had shown up, and they were knee-deep in lively conversation before I entered the room. This was my first hint that I would not be directing the evening’s discussion. The next hint came when we finally found our seats and I opened the interview with this question, which I thought was fairly straightforward: “How good is the music scene in Colorado Springs?”

    From horses and friendly dogs to cantankerous cats and a sloth with a slow digestive system, Dr. Vincent Loparco proves that chiropractic care is not just for humans anymore.
  • Happy New Year

    In the history of the world, there has probably never been a New Year that was not met with hope. Even in its darkest moments, humanity collectively meets 12:01am, January 1st, with hope for something better.
  • Law & Grace

    “When Tim interacts with a client, you can easily tell that they have the complete undivided attention of both his heart and his mind.”