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  • Working Hope

    A common theme woven throughout the African diaspora is the emphasis on Ubuntu—a Zulu expression that roughly translates to “I am because you are.” This concept teaches that individuals are inherently connected to and part of their community from birth, and embraces the idea of prioritizing humanity over the individual. It emphasizes the highest honor being an individual’s impact on the community. While it may be known by different names, this principle resonates throughout many communities.

    There are individuals in our history who have made a lasting impact on this city. Names like General William Palmer and Spencer Penrose usually come to mind. Nikola Tesla briefly operated an experimental lab here. More recently, the city has boasted renowned musicians, authors, actors, religious leaders, and sports figures, all with varying degrees of influence. But sometimes, those who have the most positive effects on our community live just across the road.
  • Memories To "Draw" On

    Not terribly long after arriving at the now-defunct Rocky Mountain News to chronicle the local sports scene in the form of newspaper cartoons, Drew Litton turned the world on its ear at the expense of Broncos kicker Rich Karlis
  • Music La Voz

    It's a long journey from the farm fields of Idaho to the stage at the Metropolitan Opera, but Cecilia Violetta Lopez found the right path and stayed on it.
  • The Fresh Air Cure

    Many things shaped the city of Colorado Springs that we know and love today. One of the most unexpected was a raging disease.
  • Flying High

    People have called the National Museum of World War II Aviation the best-kept secret in Colorado Springs.