Colorado Springs - The City For Millennials

Colorado Springs - The City For Millennials

Colorado Springs has long been a favorite city for young families raising children in a healthful, outdoorsy environment with good schools. It’s also beloved by retirees, many of them military, seeking refuge from less friendly climates but where there are good services for their age group. But it hasn’t until recently been a top destination for millennials—young singles or couples who also want a vibrant arts culture, lively nightlife, and great restaurants.

That seems to be changing. Today, Colorado Springs might just be the next millennial hot spot.

“Colorado Springs is a great place for millennials to launch a business or explore new ideas,” says Susan Edmondson, president and CEO of the Downtown Partnership of Colorado Springs. “Our downtown in particular owes much of its rejuvenation to so many new millennial business owners and entrepreneurs. They’re breaking down old notions of what it takes to be successful, and they really believe in the future of this city. They are fresh and fearless, and I love that!”

“As a millennial who relocated here from the Midwest in 2019, Colorado Springs was an easy sell,” says Cecilia Harry, chief economic development officer for the Colorado Springs Chamber & EDC. “Both my husband and I could thrive in our careers and give our family the quality of life and access to recreation we have always wanted. We have found a wonderful neighborhood and good friends, and the access to additional amenities like arts experiences, small businesses to support, and the craft beer scene have confirmed that this is where we belong.”

The statistics support her enthusiasm. According to data from the Colorado Department of Labor and Employment, the Colorado Springs area has the highest job recovery rate amid the pandemic compared to other areas of the state. It also ranks in the top 10 cities nationwide with the highest percentage of millennials.

Add to that the proximity to hiking and biking trails, mountain vistas and more parks than most urban areas, and you have a winning combination for active adults seeking both endless opportunities and remarkable recreation. We talked with five of them about why they love it here.

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