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Get Your Gear On

Wagner Custom Skis

Anyone who’s been skiing seriously for more than a few years knows that the search for the “perfect” pair of skis can be lengthy and painstaking. Pete Wagner, a former ski bum and golf club designer, appreciates how important it is to find the right fit, and he and his team offer 100% made-from-scratch skis at his shop in Telluride. Each pair is custom designed according to the skier’s size and shape, preferred type of terrain, and skill level (yes, even beginners can benefit). So why go custom? Skis vary in many ways, from material, flexibility, and tip/tail shape to even more technical specs, such as sidecut radius and camber/rocker profile, and Wagner’s designers are experts at matching your slopestyle preferences with the right ski geometry. You can even choose your own graphics.

Wagner Custom Skies 2

Custom skis start at $1,995,

Grass Sticks

There was a time when the ski pole industry embraced newer materials; carbon fiber was the future—or so they said. However, the team behind Grass Sticks, based in Steamboat Springs, has found success by looking to the past as well as to the Far East. These top-notch poles are made of bamboo, which is sustainable, eco-friendly, more durable than aluminum, and even lighter than traditional carbon fiber. Each pair is custom-made to order with your choice of colorful straps and baskets, and they will adjust the height as needed for free. The material balances flexibility and rigidity to avoid snapping or warping. Plus, they are guaranteed to strike up a conversation in the lift line or at the lodge.

Grass Sticks