Hand and Upper Extremity Center at Colorado Springs Orthopaedic Group

Hand and Upper Extremity Center at Colorado Springs Orthopaedic Group

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Dr. Cassidy
Left to Right: Dr. Cassidy, Dr. Jeffry Watson


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With fellowship training and over 21 years in practice specializing in orthopaedic hand and upper extremity conditions, Dr. Jeffry Watson is highly equipped to diagnose and treat acute or chronic conditions affecting the elbow, wrist, and hand. He routinely treats conditions of arthritis or instability, compressive neuropathies such as carpel or cubital tunnel syndromes, peripheral nerve injuries, brachial plexus injuries, pediatric congenital and traumatic conditions, upper extremity trauma and reconstruction, and acute fractures. 

“Our emerging understanding of musculoskeletal and peripheral nerve reconstruction offers us even more innovative treatment options now than ever before.” —Dr. Jeffry Watson

Through tenacity and diligent application from his years of experience and advanced training, Dr. Watson has assisted in the modernization of both conservative and surgical treatment advancements, helping patients return to the activities they love even after experiencing complex nerve injuries.

“In a word, Dr. Watson is 'superior'. He is certainly one of the kindest and most attentive doctors I have had the pleasure of knowing. Dr. Watson has performed two surgeries on my wrist and to say he is 'very knowledgeable' would be an understatement. He is also patient and compassionate. Dr. Watson spends the time necessary to fully and accurately diagnose and treat upper extremity conditions. It is without hesitation that I state, Dr. Watson is indisputably at the very top of his field of medical expertise. I could not be happier with the treatment he has provided me.” —patient review 

With the support of Dr. Dale Cassidy, who is fellowship trained and board certified in orthopaedic hand and upper extremity conditions alongside Dr. Watson, you can be assured you will receive world-class care when treated by the hand and upper extremity specialists at Colorado Springs Orthopaedic Group. 

“Orthopaedics is the ideal combination of form, function, and physiology presenting itself through individual patients. Restoring function to the upper limb has a tremendous effect on a patient's quality of life, and I am fortunate to be a part of their recovery process.” —Dr. Jeffry Watson