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Dr. Pratheep Arora
Dr. Pratheep Arora


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1380 E. Fillmore St., Ste. 100, Colorado Springs, CO 80907

Pratheep Arora, MD, is a board-certified nephrologist and critical care physician practicing in Colorado Springs. Dr. Arora has been practicing medicine for over 25 years and has served as a cornerstone of the Colorado Springs community for 15 years. As the medical director of Summit Medical Clinic, Dr. Arora is passionate about practicing evidence-based medicine to provide the highest quality of care for his patients. “Integrative, prevention-based medicine is the key to providing care in the 21st century—physicians are sitting on mountains of data, and it is our duty to utilize technology to modernize the practice of medicine and provide outstanding care for each and every patient,” states Dr. Arora. He also serves as the medical director/chief nephrologist for dialysis clinics in southern Colorado. Dr. Arora has a reputation among patients and physicians alike for his medical knowledge, bedside manner, and unparalleled empathetic care. He is committed to protecting the Colorado Springs community. Earlier this year, during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, Dr. Arora and his team at Summit Medical Clinic were at the forefront of the statewide immunization effort. In three months, Dr. Arora and his staff vaccinated over 5000 individuals from across the state, stepping up as one of the first clinics in the city to open their doors to all individuals seeking vaccination. Dr. Arora enjoys exploring all that Colorado has to offer with his family and two dogs during his free time. He is an avid photographer and traveler who does not shy away from taking the path less traveled to capture the perfect shot.