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Eat + Drink


    Amidst a flood of new and innovative culinary offerings, it’s exciting to find a food that revives time-honored techniques. Enter the humble bagel. This is where traditional style reigns supreme with simplicity, quality ingredients, and unparalleled texture. Lucky for Colorado Springs, we now have a company dedicated to those standards. The Springs Bagel Company was recently established by longtime Springs resident Austin Johnson, who is passionate about providing our city with the highest quality fresh bagels. His enthusiasm for his craft is immediately apparent. His eyes twinkle the entire time he explains his process and the history of his business. His infectious joy inevitably draws me into his excitement over the bagels.

    It’s an oxymoron, unthought of just 12 short months ago, but we have located some small diversions among the pandemic-induced restrictions.
  • Belly Up to the Bar

    Take one step inside Boot Barn Hall at Bourbon Brothers and you’ll get a whiff of fresh-cut wood and your eyes will dance from the unique setup to the shiny floors and a touch of Americana from the flags adorning the walls.