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    Amidst a flood of new and innovative culinary offerings, it’s exciting to find a food that revives time-honored techniques. Enter the humble bagel. This is where traditional style reigns supreme with simplicity, quality ingredients, and unparalleled texture. Lucky for Colorado Springs, we now have a company dedicated to those standards. The Springs Bagel Company was recently established by longtime Springs resident Austin Johnson, who is passionate about providing our city with the highest quality fresh bagels. His enthusiasm for his craft is immediately apparent. His eyes twinkle the entire time he explains his process and the history of his business. His infectious joy inevitably draws me into his excitement over the bagels.
  • Down and Dirty—and Delicious

    Texas natives Crystal Byrd and her husband, Michael Thompson, co-owners of Choice Restaurant Concepts, have defied the odds, opening five wildly successful downtown eateries with no restaurant experience—simply a passion for people, a love of food, and creativity that knows no bounds. “Our vision is to create super fun places that we want to go to,” Crystal says, “each with its own distinct vibe.”
  • Red Leg Brewing Company

    ​Todd Baldwin is passionate about serving those who serve. On July 4, 2013, Baldwin, a retired Army field artillery officer, founded Red Leg Brewing Company to provide the highest quality beer to honor the men and women who currently and formerly served in the U.S. Military.
  • Cockpit Craft Distillery

    For more than 10 years, Calder Curtis was an aircraft metals technologist for the Air Force. Making moonshine in his garage was a hobby that he was passionate about—not a career.
  • 3 Hundred Days of Shine

    Looking for the best ’shine this side of the Continental Divide? Come on down to 3 Hundred Days of Shine. Sit in the cozy tasting room, a throwback to a roadhouse speakeasy, and meet founder Mike Girard.
  • Chile Madness

    What’s more enticing on a crisp fall day than the smoky-sweet aroma of roasted chiles wafting in the air?
  • Red Gravy's Meal to Heal

    So, when the pandemic first hit and all hospital kiosks, cafes, and cafeterias were closed—along with bars and restaurants—Brenner launched Meals to Heal