Sweet Treats Colorado Springs

Sweet Treats

Whatever you’re craving, Lori Lynn’s Cookies and Cream food truck has you covered. The minute Lori Morrissey’s bright, cheery truck rolls to a stop, everyone drops their phones, abandons their workstations, and races to the front of the line. With her cookie sandwich–shaped earrings and infectious smile, Lori opens the window and welcomes each person, serving homemade cookies and hand-scooped ice cream straight from the heart.

Lori’s passion for baking began when she was five years old. “Mom had an old, olive green Oster mixer,” she says, “and my brother and I would join her in our Southern California kitchen to make chocolate chip cookies.”

Her childhood idol was Mrs. Fields: “She had a cooking show on the Food Network, and I was mesmerized,” Lori says, “so I’d soak in everything she said.” Then, Lori would bake the cookies and give them to her friends. “Even at that young age,” she says, “I realized that cookies were a way to connect with people, and I knew that’s exactly what I wanted to do.”

For decades, Lori worked to create the perfect cookie recipe. When she moved to Colorado in 1994, she had to adjust to the altitude—at Fort Lewis College in Durango, she lived in the mountains at 10,000 feet—so she was constantly tweaking. “Since I was a chemistry minor,” Lori says, “I’d have a composition book for my lab work and one for my recipes.”

Lori Morrissey has always brought love and support to friends in crisis with a big smile and a gift of cookie dough. “On someone’s worst day,” Lori says, “cookies are a way to brighten that day.”

When she moved to Monument, Lori was anxious to follow her passion, so in 2016, she started a cookie-delivery business called True Mountain Bakery. “It fueled my desire to share my cookies with my community,” she says. But she was home-schooling three girls and had a full-time PR business, so the cookies had to take a back seat.

Keep on Truckin’

When the pandemic hit, Lori knew she had to find another way to share her cookies, so she took a class through the Pikes Peak Small Business Development Center to create a business plan, and it was then that inspiration struck. “Since everyone was stuck at home,” Lori says, “I was looking for ways to bring a mobile connection to my customers, and an ice cream sandwich truck seemed like the next best step for my life.”

Within weeks, she and a good friend flew to Houston, picked up her food truck—which she affectionately named Marta—and drove it back to Colorado. Lori Lynn’s Cookies and Cream: An Ice Cream Sandwich Truck and Bakery opened in May of 2021. Marta’s been going full steam ahead ever since.

From corporations and office picnics to private events and weddings, customers all over El Paso County are clamoring for Lori’s ice cream sandwiches and gourmet bakery treats. “We’re providing a reason for people to take a break from their everyday grind and open their hearts to a new experience,” Lori says.

Her customers are feeling the love, too. In March of 2022, Lori was able to leave her PR job. “It’s so fun
to give my full attention to my true passion,” Lori
says, “connecting people with each other using my cookie recipes.”

Lori Lynn’s exuberant team—from left to right, Jayna Patrick, Monika Shaffer, Danika Wolford, Allison Morrissey, Lori Morrissey, and Teresa Dulleck—is passionate about sharing their from-scratch creations with every customer they meet

Lori Lynn’s Fall and Winter
Holiday Menu

As snowflakes fall and temperatures plummet, Lori adds some festive holiday items to tickle your tastebuds and warm your heart. For example, when temps dip below 50°, warm cookies drizzled with hot fudge are available straight from Marta’s window.

For the ultimate in decadence, try a giant stuffed cookie, which is only available from September through December. Lori takes your favorite cookies and stuffs them with even more deliciousness, like cinnamon churro stuffed with honey cream cheese filling or cookies and cream stuffed with Oreos.

If you’re looking for some gift ideas, Lori’s got you covered: Her artisan cookie series—another treat only here during the last months of the year—offers picture-perfect showstoppers. The double chocolate cookie dipped in crushed candy canes and white chocolate will make you a believer.

Hand-decorated, holiday-themed sugar cookies and bake-at-home cookie dough balls are also perfect gifts for the holidays. And, if that’s not enough, you can special order cookie cakes, ice cream cakes, cupcakes, and celebration cakes. Oh, my! And everything can be super-sized.


Fun Fact: Eating ice cream actually warms you up. According to Peter Poortvliet, who holds a Ph.D. in neuroscience, at the University of Queensland, “While it may seem logical that introducing something cold should help reduce temperature, its initial cooling effect is rapidly replaced by heat generated by digestive processes needed to break down the nutrients in ice cream.”